1996, 2005 STATE CHAMPIONS - 2010, 2014, 2022 STATE RUNNERS-UP

7th Grade Roster

Jack Betchick

Noah Brown

Jiles Bryant

Caplan Crews

Canon Day

Judah Fisher

Camp Harris

Henry Howell

Brady Irving

Chase Laird

Owen Robinson

Brooks Scruggs

Maddox Sims

Kannon Walker

6th Grade Roster

John Beasley

Jake Bowman

Samson Crafton

Corbin Downen

Nolan Ferguson

Cooper Etheridge

Carter Flee

Turner Flowers

Kane Fly

James Hill

Preston Lloyd

Carter White

Spring 2022

March 14LausanneBill Avant FieldW, 6-11-0
March 16BrightonBill Avant FieldW, 12-22-0
March 17Illini Bluff Bill Avant FieldW, 8-13-0
March 18Marion, ARBill Avant FieldCancelled3-0
March 18Knights BaseballBill Avant FieldW, 13-34-0
March 19Dyer CountyBill Avant FieldW, 8-75-0
March 21Germantown
Bill Avant Field
W, 12-36-0
March 24
Conway, ARRobinson HighW, 13-17-0
March 25Jonesboro, ARRobinson HighW, 8-48-0
March 25Cabot, ARRobinson HighW, 20-59-0
March 26IllinoisBill Avant FieldW, 6-510-0
March 26
Desoto CentralDesoto CentralL, 3-410-1
March 29Hinsdale South, ILBill Avant FieldW, 9-111-1
March 30Harvard West Lake, CAHoover High 1W, 9-712-1
March 31Chelsea, ALHoover Met 5W, 14-413-1
March 31Vestavia Hills, ALHoover Met 5L, 3-913-2
April 1Prattville, ALHoover Met 2L, 5-613-3
April 2Spain Park, ALHoover Met 2W, 7-014-3
April 4BartlettBill Avant FieldW, 5-315-3
April 5BartlettElrod FieldW, 5-316-3
April 7SeymourClarksville HighW, 9-317-3
April 8ClarksvilleClarksville HighPPD
April 9RossviewRossview HighW, 15-518-3
April 9Hopkinsville, KYRossview HighPPD
April 9Gallatin, TNRossview HighW, 14-419-3
April 11ArlingtonBill Avant FieldW, 11-020-3
April 12ArlingtonArlingtonW, 13-421-3
April 14Bradley CentralHardin ValleyW, 8-522-3
April 15BeardenBeardenW, 8-323-3
April 15FarragutFarragutL, 4-1123-4
April 16Hardin ValleyHardin ValleyW, 8-524-4
April 18CordovaBill Avant FieldW, 15-025-4
April 19SouthwindSouthwind HSW, 15-026-4
April 22NorthpointBill Avant FieldW, 6-527-4
April 23MunfordMunfordW, 4-228-4
April 26ColliervillePatriot Bank FieldL, 0-128-5
April 27ColliervilleBill Avant FieldW, 3-129-5
April 29TCABill Avant FieldW, 10-030-5
May 3MUSBill Avant FieldW, 7-331-5
May 7Bartlett - DistrictBill Avant FieldW, 8-632-5
May 9Collierville - DistrictBill Avant FieldL, 1-332-6
May 10Bartlett - DistrictBill Avant FieldW, 3-133-6
May 11Collierville - DistrictBill Avant FieldW, 5-234-6
May 16Whitehaven - Region Semi-FinalsWhitehavenW, 10-035-6
May 18Collierville - Region FinalsPatriot Bank ParkL, 0-335-7
May 20Rossview - SectionalRossviewW, 7-136-7
May 24Powell - TSSAA State Tournament SiegelW, 2-037-7
May 25Stewarts Creek - TSSAA State TournamentSiegelW, 10-738-7
May 26Powell - TSSAA State TournamentSiegelW, 4-339-7
May 27Farragut - TSSAA State ChampionshipOaklandL, 1-439-8

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Spring 2022

DateOpponent/EventLocationTime / ResultRecord
March 14Arlington APatriot Bank ParkL, 1-60-1
March 15Arlington BPatriot Bank ParkPPD
March 16BartlettPatriot Bank ParkL, 4-70-2
March 17RossviewBill Avant FieldL, 4-70-3
March 18Pope John Paul IIPatriot Bank ParkPPD
March 18ColliervilleBill Avant FieldL, 6-70-4
March 19CBHSBill Avant FieldW, 8-01-4
March 19ColliervillePatriot Bank ParkL, 0-151-5
March 21Arlington ABill Avant FieldL, 4-61-6
March 23MUSBill Avant FieldW, 4-12-6
March 24ECSBill Avant FieldW, 8-43-6
March 25McCracken Co, KYBill Avant FieldL, 1-33-7
March 26Desoto CentralDesoto CentralW, 4-04-7
March 28Arlington BArlingtonW, 6-15-7
March 29Hinsdale SouthBill Avant FieldW, 9-16-7
March 31Mountain Brook, ALPelham HighW, 14-07-7
March 31Thompson, ALPelham HighL, 0-37-8
April 1Vestavia Hills, ALPelham or Oak MountainL, 6-117-9
April 2Pelham, ALPelham HighW, 18-78-9
April 2Pelham, ALPelham HighW, 8-29-9
April 4BartlettBill Avant FieldW, 7-010-9
April 5BartlettElrod FieldW, 4-111-9
April 7ClarksvilleClarksvilleT, 5-511-9-1
April 8RavenwoodRavenwoodPPD
April 9RossviewRossviewW, 6-412-9-1
April 9ClarksvilleClarksville NortheastW, 6-513-9-1
April 11Arlington ABill Avant FieldPPD
April 12ArlingtonArlingtonT, 0-013-9-2
April 14CBHSCBHSW, 8-014-9-2
April 15Arlington BBill Avant FieldW, 5-015-9-2
April 15Arlington ABill Avant FieldW, 5-316-9-2
April 18Arlington BBill Avant FieldW, 7-517-9-2
April 19ColliervillePatriot Bank ParkL, 1-217-10-2
April 20St. George'sBill Avant FieldPPD
April 22NorthpointBill Avant FieldT, 2-217-10-3
April 22CBHSCBHSW, 10-718-10-3
April 23MunfordMunfordW, 12-319-10-3
April 26ColliervillePatriot Bank ParkL, 0-519-11-3
April 27ColliervilleBill Avant FieldL, 2-719-12-3
April 29TCABill Avant FieldPPD
April 30CBHSBill Avant FieldT, 6-619-12-4
April 30ArlingtonBill Avant FieldW, 4-120-12-4
May 3CBHS - Region TourneyCBHSW, 12-221-12-4
May 4Collierville - Region TourneyBill Avant FieldW, 4-022-12-4
May 6Collierville - Region TourneyBill Avant FieldW, 12-223-12-4
May 7Bartlett - Region ChampionshipElrod FieldW, 5-124-12-4

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Jesse Dalton


Jackson Frederick


Brady Jones


JD Klug


Drue Seahorn


Nolan Tanner


Connor Weaks


Ryan Bland


Max Burns


Barrett Glass


Dean McCalla


Jaden Sallie


Sam Smith


Ryan Tashie


Hudson Wages


Cole Watkins


Tyler Yearwood


Robinson Martin


Donovan Mitchell


Chandler Day


Ryan Mitchell


Cole D'entremont


Luke D'Entremont


James Fenton


Cole Harris


Adam Kidder


Tripp Ledford


Luke Miner


Brady Moffitt


Ty Parker


Stephen Sessler


Tucker Stallins


Scott Young


Grant Bruns


Beckett DePuy


Jack Harrison


Xander Pettus


Owen Waggener


Ben Weaver


Grayson Youmans


The Mustang Bullpen Club supports the Houston Baseball Program's activities and facilities with fundraising and volunteer efforts. Thank you to all who support the continuation and making of this Program of Excellence!

Board Members

Class of 2022 Representatives
Rob Frederick
David Seahorn

Class of 2023 Representatives
Ann Marie McCalla
Chanel Sallie

Class of 2024 Representatives
Ashley Harris
Richelle Kidder

Class of 2025 Representatives
Jonathan Pettus
Kassadii DePuy

At-Large Representatives
Lori D'Entremont
Boyd Harris (Treasurer)

Rob Stallins (President)

Mustang Bullpen Club
PO Box 38922
Germantown, TN 38183-0922

Mustang Bullpen Club image

Lane McCarter

Collins Day

Associate Head Coach

Corey Chafin

Assistant Coach

Cary Fenton

Assistant Coach

Tom Kliman

Assistant Coach

Bo Reynolds

Assistant Coach

Cameron Yoho

Assistant Coach

2022-23 Diamond Girls

Applications for 2022-23 Houston Diamond Girls are now being accepted! The deadline to apply is September 30th.

Please apply online here.

Team Records image

2021346District Tournament Champions
Region Champions

Remainder of season cancelled (COVID-19)



2017 2618District Tournament ChampionsRegion ChampionsSectional ChampionsSTATE TOURNAMENT
2016 2611District Tournament ChampionsRegion Champions

2015 3110District Regular Season ChampionsRegion ChampionsSectional ChampionsSTATE FINAL FOUR
2014 3410District Tournament ChampionsRegion ChampionsSectional ChampionsSTATE RUNNER UP
2013 3015District Regular Season ChampionsRegion Champions

2012 20 Ineligible for postseason

2011 296District Regular Season ChampionsIneligible for postseason

2010 3313
Region ChampionsSectional ChampionsSTATE RUNNER UP
2009 2613District Regular Season & Tournament Champions

2008 2018District Tournament Champions

2007 3311District Regular Season & Tournament ChampionsRegion ChampionsSectional ChampionsSTATE FINAL FOUR
2006 2616

2005 368
Region ChampionsSectional ChampionsSTATE CHAMPIONS
2004 2813

2003 328District Regular Season ChampionsRegion ChampionsSectional ChampionsSTATE TOURNAMENT
2002 2217

2001 3414District Tournament Champions

2000 288District Regular Season Champions


A comprehensive listing of all signees since 2000























Matt Cain

Stuart Pomeranz

Brent Dlugach

Rawley Bishop

Daniel Palo

Bill Avant Field

Bill Avant Field

Home Field of the Mustangs

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Charles & Gloria DiBella Mustang Complex

Charles & Gloria DiBella Mustang Complex

Home of the Mustangs

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  • 9755 Wolf River Boulevard, Germantown, TN, USA
  • The home of the Mustangs is Bill Avant Field located at the above address. The mailing address for the Mustang Bullpen Club is PO Box 38922, Germantown, TN 38183-0922.

The Houston High School Baseball Team and the Mustang Bullpen Club have embarked on an effort to strengthen our relationship with our alumni. We are proud of the many men who once represented Houston Baseball on the field and continue to represent us throughout their lives as products of our Program of Excellence. We would love to better connect with you by having you register with us using the link below. All alumni registrants will receive a lifetime pass for free admission to all Houston baseball home games. Thank you in advance for contacting us!